MPH Vostok

MPH Vostok operates in Russia since 2008.

MPH Vostok is a part of MPH Global Services group dedicated to providing high quality and time efficient services and solutions of employment and recruitment of Russian and expatriate specialists in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Nuclear, Mining, Industrial Construction and Materials Production industries.

MPH Vostok is a part of international network which is present in Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia.

Starting from mid.1980-s we have been involved into major developments and placed high quality candidates to Exploration & Production Operators, Power Generating Companies, Refinery & Petrochemical Plants, EPC contractors, Engineering companies, Equipment & Service suppliers, etc

Whether the scope of work is design, construction, commissioning, maintenance or operations MPH Vostok have the knowledge and experience to assist.

Why do customers choose MPH Vostok

  • Specialists in Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction fields
  • International network and access to global labor market
  • Extensive & impressive list of completed projects
  • 30+ years of international experience, in Russia since 2008
  • Strict quality control of services performance, ISO 9001:2011 certified
  • Experienced team of recruitment consultants, contract administrators, HR-support, Payroll & Accounting Specialists
  • Comprehensive support in the field of labor, tax, migration legislation

Our people

We employ a professional team of recruitment specialists with an extensive experience in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy, Construction & Industrial sectors.

We recognise that people whether they are Clients, Contractors or Staff, are fundamental to the success of our business.

Our disciplines expertise covers

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Project Controls – Cost Engineering, Planning
  • Construction Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Contracts & Commercial
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Quality Management
  • Health, Safety & Environmental
  • Operations
  • Business Development, Sales & Marketing


Enjoy the complete package of selection and placement of permanent & contracted personnel


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Our team



General Director

Sergey ZEMLIANSKIY heads MPH Vostok  since 2011.

Sergey started  career in 1983 in the field of international tourism.

During 1993 – 2001 headed the international department and then took up the post of the General Director of one of the largest Russian companies with the business in importing and installation of the automotive components and accessories.

In 2001 – 2011 Sergey acts as a General Director of CIS Service. It is a consulting company rendering a comprehensive scope of services for optimization of entering the Russian market for Europeans producers of small and middle-sized business.

Sergey possesses deep practical knowledge in international companies management.

Sergey graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University named after M. Thorez in 1983.

Fluent in French, Italian and English languages.



Business Development Director

Evelina has been with MPH Vostok  since 2010 – from the very beginning of active development and establishment of the company in Russia.

Before joining MPH Evelina has been performing in the role of Business Development Director and Branch Director of Moscow branch of the large international manpower services company.

Evelina possesses extraordinary experience in development and implementation of the strategy of promotion of company’s services at the Russian market, in the field of company integration to the international network, structuring of the unique models of interaction with the customers, delivering high quality of the services rendered.

Having started her career path as a Recruitment Specialist in 2006 Evelina has many years’ experience in the field of recruitment in all fields of MPH Vostok specialization.

Evelina graduated from State University of Management in 2005 with the degree in Management of Organization.



Head of Operations Department

Olga STATSENKO has been working in MPH Vostok  since 2008 performing wide range of duties, including HR support, migration and logistics support, contracts administration, budgeting and reporting.

Having got many years practical experience in HR and state authorities Olga acts as an expert in the field of labor, migration and tax regulations.

Olga graduated from Moscow State Linguistics University named after M. Thorez with the degree in Applied and Mathematical Linguistics, is a Candidate of Philological Sciences.

Fluent in English.



Chief Accountant

Olga joined MPH Vostok  in December 2020 as a Chief Accountant.

Olga's total work experience as an accountant is approaching thirty years. During this time, considerable experience has been accumulated in accounting activities in various industries and in various conditions. The list of industries includes production, multidisciplinary joint ventures, construction and also provision of outsourcing and personnel consulting services.

This diversity redound to study in detail the specifics of accounting and tax accounting inherent in each of these areas.

Working in actively developing companies made it possible not to be limited only to accounting functions, but also to perforem broad responsibilities, acting as an advisor to senior management on financial analysis, building financial and economic models, budgeting, taxation, participation in business planning.




Head of Recruitment Department

Ekaterina KARDANOVA joined MPH Vostok  in the beginning of 2013 in the role of Lead Recruitment Consultant, and was promoted to the Head of Recruitment Department position in 2017.

During 10 years of professional activities in the recruitment field Ekaterina successfully cooperates with customers in oil & gas and energy sectors,  including but not limited to engineering companies, EPC-contractors, equipment producers for O&G and allied industries.

Ekaterina specializes in search and selection of the candidates with technical background and also with construction projects management background, as well as project support staff.

Before joining MPH Ekaterina has been working as a Senior Recruitment Consultant in international recruitment company and has been specializing in projects within industrial sector.

Ekaterina graduated from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics with the degree in Management.



Business Development Manager

Albina joined the MPH Vostok  team in August 2020 as Business Development Manager.

Albina's area of ​​responsibility is maintaining the full cycle of the sales process from the moment of setting goals to deals closing, building effective and long-term relationships with customers, developing proposals for improving the company's performance, searching for new possible areas of the organization's activities to stimulate business growth in target market segments.

Before joining MPH Vostok, Albina worked for over 10 years in the field of sales and corporate business in an international consulting company and large international banks.

In 2007 she graduated from the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, specializing in linguistics.



Deputy Head of Recruitment Consultant

Grigory Shatalov joined MPH Vostok  team in 2017 in the role of Recruitment Consultant, and was promoted to Lead Recruitment Consultant position in October 2018. In 2019 Grigory took a position of Deputy Head of Recruitment Department.

Prior to joining MPH Grigory developed his career in field of insurance products sales and also made his first successful steps in the area of recruitment of middle and top management positions for international corporations.

Grigory carries out the projects in the field of search and selection of the candidates for Engineering Bureaus, End Customers and General Contractors on large construction projects. The disciplines he works on include but not limited to HSE, Commissioning & Start Up, design of engineering systems, etc.

Grigory graduated from Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev with degree in Economics in 2017.



Lead Recruitment Consultant

Kseniya joined MPH Vostok  team in January 2019 as an Administrative Assistant.

Thanks to Kseniya’s active support to the recruitment department and keen interest in recruitment activities Kseniya was promoted to Recruitment Specialist role in September 2019, to Consultant Role in the middle of 2020, and Lead Recruitment Consultant role in January 2021.

Currently, Kseniya works on projects in oil and gas sector, nuclear, mining, while the range of vacancies in her pool includes both field-based and office-based positions.

Kseniya graduated from Moscow Humanitarian Institute named after E.R. Dashkova with the degree in Law.

In 2018 Kseniya received degree in Russian State Humanitarian University with the specialty Translator.



Recruitment Consultant
Olga joined MPH Vostok in September 2019.
Olga has 20 years of recruitment experience of high-end professionals, including 10 years of experience within the largest EPC company in the Nuclear industry.
Olga is able to deals with a wide range of recruitment requests: senior management personnel, engineering, construction, finance, IT, administrative staff, recruitment for nuclear power plant construction sites in Russia and abroad. A good example of performance is that thanks to Olga a team of 150 people was recruited and mobilized within 1,5 years.
Olga's main activity at MPH Vostok is recruiting of high-end professionals for the company's projects in the nuclear industry.
Olga has two higher education degrees:
In 1999 she graduated from Volga-Vyatskaya Academy of public service under the President of the Russian Federation, with specialty in Economics.
In 2006, she graduated from Nizhny Novgorod Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with specialty in Civil Law.


Vladimir Pelevin

Vladimir Pelevin

Recruitment Consultant

Vladimir joined MPH Vostok team in August 2020 as a Recruitment Specialist, got a promotion in January 2021.

Prior to joining MPH Vladimir developed his career in the recruitment field in a famous international recruitment agency.

Currently Vladimir works on projects in oil and gas sector, industrial design and construction, performing full cycle pf recruitment activities from sourcing to placement & adaptation.

Attended courses in State Moscow University named after Lomonosov, Faculty of History of political parties and public movements.



Recruitment Consultant

Evgeniya joined MPH Vostok  team in December 2020 as a Recruitment Consultant.

Evgenia has been working in the recruiting sphere for more than 10 years, filling narrow-profile vacancies for such areas as mechanical engineering, industrial construction, microelectronics, chemical industry, oil and gas processing.

Has experience in international agencies.

She studied at St. Petersburg University of Engineering and Economics, specializing in logistics and supply chain management.



Recruitment Specialist

Dina joined MPH Vostok in November 2020 as a Recruitment Specialist.

Before joining MPH she worked in the recruitment sphere of a major international company, which is one of contractors on the Amur Gas Processing Plant`s construction project.

Currently in MPH Dina is engaged in working on recruitment projects in oil&gas, industrial engineering&design, electrical engineering spheres. Dina`s fluent Chinese also enables her to help in performing communication with Chinese candidates and the company`s Chinese clients.

Dina graduated with a Bachelor of Linguistics (Honours) degree and Master`s of Linguistics (Honours) degree from Moscow Region State University.




Elena began her career path in the accountancy and tax field in 1994, having gained solid and vast experience during 20+ years track record.

Elena obtained her key experience in manufacturing companies and foreign consulting enterprises where she got deep knowledge in the sphere of accounting and taxation.

Employment in MPH Vostok  opened Elena plenty of opportunities in application of her knowledge in the field of labor regulation of  rotational personnel, including staff working in the Far North conditions; salary and bonus part calculation, annual leaves and sick leaves, allowances and various compensations for manufacturing personnel and office staff, as well as tax calculation and payment to the state budget and non-budget funds.

Elena graduated from D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia in 1988.




Olga Golosova joined MPH Vostok team in February 2020.

Her responsibilities include preparation of invoices and other payment documents for manpower services.

Olga started her professional career in 2006, including 6 years of work for large Russian Research Institute.

Olga possesses outstanding ability to work with a large volume of information and documents, process complex calculations and analyze data.

Attentiveness, accuracy while working with data, fast and high-quality work with financial documentation are distinctive qualities of Olga.

Olga graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute with a degree in Management of Organisation in 2007.



Project Coordinator

Daria joined MPH Vostok in August, 2019 as an ARCTIC LNG2 Project Coordinator.

Daria is responsible for effective and smooth interaction between international project teams involved into this mega-Project delivery.

Daria’s area of responsibility includes various subjects – timely mobilization of experts to fabrication yards, consultations on applicable legislative provisions, paperwork coordination and scrupulous compliance with established procedures and services quality requirements.

Before joining MPH Vostok Daria gained valuable experience in project management in the field of oil and gas facilities construction. 

Daria graduated from Moscow State Linguistic Unversity (psycholinguistics) and Higher Shool of Economics (project management).



HR Specialist

Daria Pustynnikova has been working at MPH Vostok since February 2020. Daria's responsibilities include partial HR records management, migration support for foreign employees, and logistics support for employees. Daria provides comprehensive support to the company's employees, ensuring effective interaction between the сentral office of MPH Vostok and employees in different cities.
Daria has more than 5 years of practical experience in the field of HR records management, as well as extensive knowledge in the field of labor and migration law. Before joining MPH Vostok, Daria worked in large international companies as an administrative and HR specialist.

Daria graduated from Moscow State Opened University in 2014 with a degree in “State and Municipal Management”. She also completed additional training in “Attracting and using foreign labor in Russian Federation”.



HR Specialist

Olga joined the MPH Vostok team in March 2020 as a HR Specialist.

Before joining MPH Vostok Olga worked for an international company for more than 3 years. Developing competencies in the Employee Lifecycle direction, Olga created a comfortable working atmosphere at all stages of employee-employer interaction, finding an individual approach to specialists of various levels to ensure the continuity of business processes and maintain a high level of employee satisfaction with interaction with the HR Department.

Olga has extensive practical experience in hotline support on labor law issues.

Today, Olga provides assistance and support to employees in the registration of personnel events in the processes of admission, dismissal, transfer, vacations, business trips and their correct reflection in local systems.

Performs accounting and managing of employment records, participates in the optimization of personnel processes.

Since 2017, Olga has a master's degree in Personnel Management from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, and since 2015 has a bachelor's degree in Social Work from the Law Institute of the Siberian Federal University.



Administrative Assistant

Lidya started her assignment with MPH Vostok as an Administrative Assistant in September 2020.

Before joining MPH Vostok Lidya served as a Notary Assistant.

In MPH Vostok Lidya performs range of various tasks, provides comprehensive support for all departments of the company, ensuring comfortable functioning of each division.

Lidya graduated from Peoples’ Friendship University in 2018 with degree in Law.



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