Senior Material Coordinator

Our customer is a foreign engineering corporation that implements a new gas chemical project in Russia.



  • Act as the focal point at SITE to control and administer all the issues related to Excess, Shortage and Damage (ESD) report issued by the CLIENT for the equipment and materials procured for the construction of the PLANT
  • Assist the Project Controls Manager in the closure of ESD reports, in such aspects as close coordination with Home Office (project department, design team, quality control team and onshore team in Irkutsk office) and the Transportation Officer, regarding shortage or damage of materials at SITE, and confirm the status of affected equipment and materials to decide the way forward and take necessary actions at SITE to close the issues and get the acceptance from the CLIENT
  • Check more detail status of the receipt equipment and materials related to ESD report and investigate the responsible company, and coordinate relevant companies including Vendor, Transportation company, and the CLIENT, then if necessary, communicate with local subcontractors to conduct necessary repair work at SITE, and communicate with the CLIENT at SITE related to ESD for closure and prepare official letters and minutes of meetings with the CLIENT in bilingual for both English and Russian
  • Control and monitor local subcontractor for the repair work against for comment in ESD reports
  • Confirm the ESD reports issued by the CLIENT, then assess the actual situation of the affected equipment and materials at SITE for the detail status
  • Obtain the detail information from  material inspector who attended the incoming inspection and/or the person in charge of the CLIENT who made ESD report, for example, where the damage is located in the equipment and materials, the ESD comments referring to which photos, how is the extent of the damages and the expected timing when it occurred, the photos which showing necessary and sufficient for the commented package in case of shortage, etc.
  • Closely communicate with Home Office (project department, design team, quality control team and onshore team in Irkutsk office) to inform them of the status of the ESD items to decide the way forward how to close the issues
  • Contact oversea Vendor and/or Russian Vendor who supplied the affected equipment and materials and/or Transportation company who shipped the ESD items to confirm the actual situation and to take necessary actions for ESD closure, if necessary
  • Communicate with local subcontractors who will conduct necessary repair work, then witness and supervise their work including receipt of their report and photos to verify and approve their work done at SITE, if necessary
  • Communicate with the CLIENT to explain the ESD status, attend meeting with the CLIENT, obtain the acceptance of ESD closure from the CLIENT, and prepare official letters and minutes of meetings with the CLIENT for official correspondence and record purpose in bilingual for both English and Russian
  • Plan the repair work based on ESD reports with subcontractor considering construction schedule, monitor the progress of repair work executed in laydown area and/or construction site including height place, report the progress to relevant colleagues timely, review the invoice from the subcontractor properly
  • Submit weekly status report to assist the Project Controls Manager and Project Engineers at Home Office to share the latest status of ESD items and the progress of the work at SITE when any update is available for them to prepare the updated ESD status which shall be prepared on bi-weekly basis
  • Assist the Project Controls Manager, Project Engineers and the Administration Manager at office in Irkutsk in resolving all insurance claims relevant to materials or equipment



  • More than 10 years experiences of construction or mechanical maintenance at plant site in Oil & Gas industry
  • Coordination skill with internal department (QC team, design team, construction team) to verify the issues found at site, and to decide next action for the way forward, then to discuss it with the CLIENT team to settle the issues
  • Enough capability of communication in Russian and English for both verbal and in writing
  • Basic skills of computer, such as Microsoft Outlook email, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams, etc.



  • Work in a foreign company
  • Highly professional international team
  • Place of work Ust- Kut


* Согласие на передачу и обработку персональных данных
В соответствии с Федеральным законом от 27.07.2006 №152-ФЗ «О персональных данных» Соискатель выражает свое согласие на передачу и обработку компанией OOO «МПШ Восток» его персональных данных в целях потенциального трудоустройства. К персональным данным относятся следующие сведения: фамилия, имя, отчество Соискателя, дата и место его рождения, адрес проживания, семейное положение, образование, профессия, доходы, а также другая информация, полученная для трудоустройства Соискателя. Обработка персональных данных Соискателя включает сбор, систематизацию, накопление, хранение, уточнение (обновление, изменение), уничтожение, использование и распространение персональных данных внутри OOO «МПШ Восток», с применением следующих основных способов обработки, но не ограничиваясь ими: автоматизированная обработка, обработка без использования средств автоматизации, ведение базы данных. Ознакомиться с политикой обработки персональных данных можно здесь.