Field Civil&Structure Engineer

Our customer is a foreign Petroleum & Chemical corporation. Thus, company needs Field Civil&Structure Engineer on Amur Gas Chemical Complex project. Construction of Polyethylene unit.



  • Discipline is CV,  involving driving piles, excavation, foundation, steel structure, etc.
  • Clarification of detail drawings to Construction Contractor;
  • Review and approval(if possible) of alternative design solution, deviations, materials.;
  • Review and approval(if possible) method of installation proposed by Construction Contractor based on construction contractor's experience, practice, availability of material, machines and mechanisms;
  • Design modifications requested by Owner which can be done by Contractor's staff on Site and do not require inter-discipline checking at home-office and/or application of home-office software;
  • Home office support as described below:
  • Responsible for quality solutions taken in the course of their functions execution;
  • Responsible for timely and high-quality preparation of design solutions in compliance with taken and agreed decisions;
  • Contractor provides answer to TQS in Russian and English;
  • All answers to technical queries that relate to the implementation of changes in Technical Documentation, approval of material, approval of deviations, field engineer makes remarks in the author's supervision log-book with the indication of the TQS number, abrief description, and the decision taken.
  • Decision on necessity to develop additional design solution to be taken by the Field Engineer.                                                                                                                        
  • All TQS should be mainly handled at the construction site by the field engineers. Only TQS can be sent to the head office for the preparation of answers, which require the use of special software or interdisciplinary checking.                                                                                                                                   
  • Report numbers of TQS submitted for consideration, considered, under consideration, changes made in detailed design, suspended by discplines, overdue, as per Total/week.                                                                                                
  • Completion of other work superiors assign.



  • At least 9 year working experience in related field;
  • At least 6-year working experience in oil/gas field;
  • University graduated;
  • Familiar with the international and Russia standards of the dynamic and static equipment industry;                                                                                                                                                              
  • Well written and spoken Engilish. Native in Russian.



  • Place of work: Svobodny, Amur region;
  • Tecnimont camp living;
  • Shift work.




* Согласие на передачу и обработку персональных данных
В соответствии с Федеральным законом от 27.07.2006 №152-ФЗ «О персональных данных» Соискатель выражает свое согласие на передачу и обработку компанией OOO «МПШ Восток» его персональных данных в целях потенциального трудоустройства. К персональным данным относятся следующие сведения: фамилия, имя, отчество Соискателя, дата и место его рождения, адрес проживания, семейное положение, образование, профессия, доходы, а также другая информация, полученная для трудоустройства Соискателя. Обработка персональных данных Соискателя включает сбор, систематизацию, накопление, хранение, уточнение (обновление, изменение), уничтожение, использование и распространение персональных данных внутри OOO «МПШ Восток», с применением следующих основных способов обработки, но не ограничиваясь ими: автоматизированная обработка, обработка без использования средств автоматизации, ведение базы данных. Ознакомиться с политикой обработки персональных данных можно здесь.