Temporary Staffing

Today’s employment market requires a high level of flexibility.



The number of people employed on a temporary or contract hire basis continues to rise, especially with companies recognising the value of a flexible resource that can be increased or downsized at short notice according to workload.

Temporary Staffing Services are in demand for short-term and medium-term projects as a solution to the problem of lack of permanent personnel, or for assignments that last up to 9 months.

For instance:

  1. Launch of the new project;
  2. Extra staff is required for production necessity;
  3. Extra staff is required to replace regular staff while they’re away on vacation / long-term absence

The service is available for both National (Russian Federation) and Expatriate Staff.

The service is rendered within the Federal Law FZ #116 coming into force on 01.01.2016.

How do you benefit from Temporary Staffing Services?

  • Decrease the number of employees on your stafflist 
  • Exempt expenses incurred through personnel recruitment
  • Exempt or decrease expenses incurred by employee redundancy
  • Engage new employees without signing a labor contract
  • Avoid forced outages in day-to-day operations
  • Decrease the scope of HR paperwork and related expenses
  • Considerably decrease the scope of administrative work, linked with managing business trips and social benefits
  • Considerably decrease payroll management expenses

Scope of work

  • Temporary Staffing Services – Expatriate, National, Third Country National Staff provision
  • Full International and Local Logistics Support
  • Local and Regional Support Infrastructure
  • Visa / Work Permits/ Registration/ Administration
  • Payroll processing
  • Global Tax Support and Compliance
  • Contract Compliance
  • Full Employer Liability Insurance Coverage
  • International Medical, Emergency Evacuation and Security Cover 

Payroll & Taxation

MPH-CIFAL RUS provides a fast, reliable and accurate payroll processing service for both expatriate and national employees. 

We have invested time and effort in developing our systems and infrastructure to allow us to accommodate:

  • Fast timesheet and business expense claim processing with a secure electronic payment notification option to check bank deposits in an instance
  • International tax and social security deductions and compliance

MPH-CIFAL RUS’s financial team have extensive knowledge and experience of both local and international tax compliance issues. We also use a network of international tax advisers and consultants to support our operations to ensure complete tax compliance in all worldwide locations. We reduce the administration burden from both the Client and the Contractor to ensure:

  • Accurate and timely payments of tax and social security
  • International labour law compliance
  • Year end compliance with personal income tax liabilities, such as tax registration and filing. 

Why should you pass payroll and tax processing to MPH Vostok?

  • We will save your time 
  • We will enable you to focus on your core businesses
  • We will protect personal data of your employees
  • We will lower your costs and increase their transparency
  • We will assist you to increase the working procedures efficiency
  • We will ensure the same level of services for all your employees
  • We will relieve you from responsibility for payroll processing
  • We will respect your individual requirements 
  • We will guarantee accurate and timely payroll processing in compliance with current legislation
  • We will take over risks and penalizations for erroneous payroll processing

Other beneficial items

  • Overall access to information and status 
  • A single point of reference for all project related information and files 
  • Transparency over status and completions of tax filings 
  • Timely awareness of potential issues 
  • Tailored reporting of tax attributes to help client management teams effectively manage tax on a local, regional or global basis.


Temporary Staffing


Contract Compliance

MPH Vostok contracts and commercial team have a vast range of contract experience and extensive knowledge of international legislative issues. This allows us to:

  • Take a pro-active approach during the employment of local personnel
  • Streamline the procurement process
  • Minimise commercial exposure for our Client’s and personnel
  • Monitor contract values and notify Client in advance of NTE values
  • Ensure that employment contracts are in accordance with Client’s terms and conditions
  • Enter into agreements effectively with sub-contractors, ensuring that our

Client’s are not exposed commercially

  • Enter into Joint Venture Agreements effectively
  • Ensure full compliance with worldwide insurance requirements.

International logistics support

MPH Vostok can provide a door-to-door logistics solution tailored to meet any specific needs of our Clients:-

  • Pre-assignment medical examinations, inoculations and substance testing
  • Geo-Induction – Advice on local health and security issues
  • Work visa / Work Permit application, processing and issuing
  • Dedicated regional employee Service Managers
  • International travel services
  • Accommodation provision
  • Meet and greet and security provision
  • Medical evacuation and healthcare provision
  • Local transportation (car and driver, domestic flights)
  • In-transit logistics provisions
  • Organisation of training as required (Offshore survival, refresher courses)

In-country support network

A dedicated support team in each of our branch locations ensures that both Client’s and employee’s have access to a complete suite of facilities and support services throughout the duration of the assignment.

MPH Vostok have extensive experience in the implementation and adherence to local content and nationalization policies. Our direct exposure to locations where local compliance issues must be taken in to consideration across all levels of our operations has given us a unique understanding of the importance and sensitivity that must be placed on these initiatives.


Our policy is to maintain a safe and healthy working environment at all times.

Our goal is to prevent occupational accidents, injuries and illness, and to promote and practice Safety and Environmental policies in all areas of our business.

We recognise that the responsibility for employee safety and health requires constant and continued effort from management, workforce, contractors and clients.

MPH Vostok always strive to achieve zero accidents, zero incidents, less pollution and minimum waste. We strictly comply with all legal, mandatory and generally accepted work practices and procedures for the promotion of HSE standards.

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