Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing/ Technical Assistance Services

The main aim of our Customers is to deliver complex projects in compliance with schedule and budget.

On every stage of the project MPH Vostok assists to improve the quality, safety and increase the productivity, processes and systems effectiveness by virtue of our integrated range of technical assistance services.

These Technical Assistance services enable the companies pass various functions under the control of the expert supplier. Such services are applicable to:

  • Industrial processes
  • Admin processes

TA services are rendered by the team of experienced experts built for each particular project.

For instance, MPH Vostok experts perform the following functions:

  • Cost control services
  • Expertise in preparation of project budget
  • Scheduling services
  • Document control services
  • Organisation of contractual & procurement services
  • Logistics operations support
  • Consulting services on field works, etc.

MPH Vostok Responsibility:

  • Delivering of the agreed scope of work within the schedule and budget
  • Staff operations management
  • Project staff administration in compliance with acting legislation
  • Compliance with HSE requirements
  • Provision of the agreed quality of service
  • Associated services (transportation, accommodation, meals, medical care, PPE, etc)

How Do You Benefit from Technical Assistance Services?

  • Specialists in the industrial field with the special focus on Oil & Gas industry
  • Extensive & impressive list of completed projects
  • 35+ years of international experience, in Russia since 2008
  • Strict quality control of services performance, ISO 9001:2011 certified
  • Experienced team of consultants
  • Ability to approach highly experienced experts (incl. expats) for services rendering
  • Provision of the dedicated project team
  • Comprehensive support in the field of relevant legislation.
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